PHYSIO-KIDS Shane Brassell Physiotherapy has the long-term focus of early identification and intervention of any developmental difficulties a child may be experiencing. Assisting infants, children and adolescents with movement difficulties, coordination problems or developmental delays achieve their highest potential is the primary focus and passion of this practice.


Shane is a qualified physiotherapist with a MSc Medicine in Child Neuro-developmental Health. She has been working in the field of paediatric development for more than 10 years. She is passionate about working with children and assisting them to realise their fullest potential. She is an avid learner and incorporates many different aspects in her approach to assessing and treating children, namely MAES Therapy and General Movements Assessment.


Physiotherapy can assist with mild to more severe difficulties. Most children develop in a typical manner. When they move or play, they automatically develop their senses and motor skills. However, some children experience developmental delay or their development follows a different trajectory. These children may require additional assistance to guide their development towards a more typical path.

More information on the type of conditions treated at this practice can be found here.


Prevalence of Disability in HIV-Infected Children Attending an Urban Paediatric HIV Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa

This is an article I wrote and was published as a requirement of my MSc Med in Child Health. The full article can be found here. Prevalence of Disability in HIV-Infected Children Attending an Urban Paediatric HIV Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. Abstract With the success of evolving cART, HIV has become a chronic condition, …

What is Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)?

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) what it says it is… a disorder of the development of coordination. There have been many definitions between the scientific and clinical communities which are discussed in depth and at length! However I like to think of DCD as a deficit in coordination, resulting in delays and difficulties with motor skill …


Please Note: I will be on maternity leave from 20 December 2019 to 31 March 2020.

Shane Brassell

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