Tele-Physio Consultations

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 and social distancing. We will be offering online consultations over an online video conferencing platform such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Medici, Doxy or Skype. Please contact us or click here for more information.

Out-Patient Physiotherapy

PHYSIO-KIDS Shane Brassell Physiotherapy offers out-patient neurological-based physiotherapy to infants, children and adolescents in Cape Town. We enjoy collaborating with other professionals (e.g OTs, Speech and language therapists, schools etc) to ensure the best treatment for your child.

NICU Consultation and support

Neonatal ICU (NICU) can be a very scary and unnatural place. In the first consultation, we discuss what you can do to support your baby and what strategies you can put in place to help prevent possible developmental difficulties later on in life. Learn about General Movements (see below) and how we can use them to monitor your baby’s development.

General Movements Assessments

Infants have typical and well-defined spontaneous “general movements” (GMs) from before birth right through to 20 weeks post term (corrected for prematurity). Infants who have poor quality GMs are at increased risk of neurological difficulties. The General Movements Assessment is a reliable, cost effective, observational tool which analyses the quality of GMs. By identifying increased risk at an early age use the GM Assessment, early intervention can be initiated which can improve an infant’s developmental trajectory.

The GMs assessment involves a services of short video clips taken of an infant from birth to 20 weeks post term, corrected age. The assessment is non-invasive as the assessor never touches the infant. It is a purely observational tool. The video clips are then studied and the quality of the infants movements are analysed. Feedback on the quality of movement is provided to the parents.

Caregiver / Family Training

Proper training can equip the carer with the information and skills they need to take on this role more effectively and to assist the client in participating more actively in their daily life.

Seating & Assistive Devices

Wheelchairs are not a one-size-fits-all device. Like shoes, each person should be correctly assessed and measured to find the wheelchair that is suitable for their postural and mobility needs. We assist with assessment, procurement, fitting and follow-up maintenance of wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Parents & Preemies Workshops

I run workshops for parents with children who were born early. Babies born preterm have a high risk of developmental difficulties. These workshops are designed to empower parents to help understand their baby’s development, learn how to promote positive development and prevent difficulties later on in life. Workshops are designed for specific age bands;

1) From birth to 3months corrected age (CA)

2) 3 months CA to 6 months CA

3) 6 months CA to 9 months CA

4) 9 months CA to 12 months CA